The image of a rose or arrangement of flowers as a gift has always been considered a romantic offering. Cream Flower was to marry the idea of this gesture but with a devoted soothing and velvety aroma. Flowers and roses generally have a earthy or heady natural smell to them which can be far too much for some. So a blend which gave the natural allure but with a deep and creamy base was formulated to keep the beauty of the flower, but replace the heady sting with something far more delicate and delicious to the nose.


Something erotic and seductive. A dark fragrance which shrouds the wearer in mystery and sophistication, a gorgeous mix of tender and powerful features, a smell that is both passionate and assertive. Berry Tobacco in it’s concept was to encapsulate the pure beauty of mystique and it’s taboo compulsion, which suits only the most endearing, characterful dark chocolatey notes and the fullness of a deep red wine. The pipe tobacco adding a sweet afterglow which is pleasantly mature and mellow.


A homage to the more traditional cologne. This fragrance was formulated with a very classic masculine and sensual image in mind, but with a feminine refinement. Allowing White Rum to be worn by any and all. To add to the wearer and not detract. The heart and inspiration of this fragrance is the embrace of the body, to envelop and inhale the naked skin of your lover. Musks and the smooth glow of spice was added to heighten the experience and give the blend a warm embrace when worn.

Cream Flower

Eau de Toilette

A velvet and floral aroma. Tuberose enriched with lilies and violets. Softened with white amber for a delicate flair. Sweetened musk and a dash of sandalwood to capture the arrangement. A smooth and inviting scent dedicated to the romanticised dream of a creamy and alluring bouquet.

Berry Tobacco

Eau de Toilette

Berries infused with exotic vanillas, doused in generous sandalwood and wrapped in pipe tobacco. Giving a dark chocolate texture and gorgeous fullness like that of a deep red wine. The kiss of this scent will leave a seductive trail.

White Rum

Eau de Toilette

The warm blend of bay rum and lotus flowers brings a strong and refined nod to the masculine colognes of old with a feminine touch. Bathed in ambers and spicy musks. White Rum is a bold flavour which is both addictive and subtle.


Recommended application would be to spray twice on your wrist and gently rub both wrists together on the application point to evenly spread the fragrance between both wrists. A final spray would be applied to the neck or collarbone. However if your nose is easily irritated by smelling a fragrance, then you can forgo the neck spray.

Alternative fragrance application for a slightly longer lasting scent would be directly onto your clothes you’re wearing. You may spray both cuffs or sleeves of your shirt with one spray per cuff, no need to rub together. Make sure the bottle is not directly touching the sleeve as this may cause staining. Spray the fragrance far enough away so that the sleeve absorbs the spray’s mist in a gentle and even fashion.

You may spray the body of your garment as well whilst wearing it. Keeping the same distance as you did with the sleeves of your top. Let the spray gently rain down onto the desired area. Recommended would be around the chest of your garment.